Early Indians by Tony Joseph is a captivating account of the prehistory of India. It answers the question, “Where do the modern day Indians come from?”

India has had 3 major migrations which have contributed towards the genetic ancestry of its people: African migrants, agriculturists from the Zagros region of…

Mr Prasad,

That’s not a reason to not pay taxes. Just because some govt institutions are broken doesn’t mean all are. If someone doesn’t pay taxes just because they don’t find it justified, does it mean they are living completely independent of the govt? No, they are still using subsidised…

Classes in ES6 are a syntactic sugar for object-oriented inheritance in JavaScript. They save a lot of inheritance boilerplate in ES6.

They are special type of functions.

Like we have function-declaration and function-expression we have class-declaration and class-expression (named or unnamed).

Class declaration:

class Vehicle {
constructor( model, year…

Arrow functions are functions which look like this:
() => ‘a’ or a => a*2 or ( a, b ) => { return a+b; }

Two factors introduced the concept of arrow functions: shorter functions and lexical this.

Before arrow functions, if wanna carry forward a context (this) we used…

It is a library (not a framework) by Facebook. It is the V in MVC.

It introduces the XML/HTML-like (JSX) concept of writing UI which makes the code readable. You write components instead of views. Components are used by other components. React supports one-way data-flow through props. So the child…


Software engineer at Google. My 2020 lockdown goal is to read as many books such that I digest that information.

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